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Future Scouts & Guides in India is a movement of self-education for young people. This Movement comprises various scouting & Guiding organisations to which the individual members belong. The individual members are the young people that Scouting serves and adults who join in order to contribute to the development of Scouting’s youth members. All members are equally committed to the way in which Scouting seeks to help young people to develop – through 'Future Scouts & Guides' Scouting’s unique method of progressive self-education. The Future Scouts & Guides Method is a comprehensive educational framework composed of elements which work together as a system to provide young people with a rich and active learning environment. It is based on how young people naturally develop, taking into account their evolving characteristics, needs and interests at different stages of development. Future Scouts & Guides is a mammoth step towards promoting this movement across all over India.
Scouting and guiding in India has been primary focus for schools and colleges nowadays. Scouting activities aims to provide self confidence and mentally & physically strong to young generation.

Scouting exists for the benefit of young people. While Scouting’s educational system is particularly suited for the adolescent age range, the upper age limit depends on factors which define what “youth” means from an educational perspective within a particular culture and society. The young people in the Movement are supported by adults, whose role is to facilitate and provide the necessary conditions for the development of the youth members. As members of a movement of self-education, and in a spirit of partnership with adults, young people participate in the decision-making processes of the Movement, in ways which are appropriate to their level of maturity, skills and experience, so as to ensure the relevance of what Scouting offers to them. Membership of the Scout Movement is open to anyone who agrees to adhere to its educational proposal (i.e. its purpose, principles and method); in other words it does not discriminate against anyone because of his or her religion, ethnic origin, social background or gender. Scouting is non-political, in the sense that it is not involved in the struggle for power of party politics. At the same time, Scouting’s educational system aims to help young people to be, and develop as, responsible and constructive individuals and members of society. Young people cannot do so in a vacuum, divorced from the socio-political realities of the world in which they live. Scouting’s educational approach, therefore, encourages young people to develop their own powers of judgment, and to take an active and constructive role in society which is in harmony with the values for which Scouting stands.

scout training
scouting training


Developing ethical and moral values among our young generation and Preserving core values of our young generation including character, self-discipline, leadership, citizenship and patriotic for our Nation.


To educate and aware our young generation to sustain their core values with scouting aim to create peaceful environment in their lives and to the Nation.


By 2025, Future Scouts & Guides will be a globally visible, consistently growing, self-reliant premium youth movement that is gender balanced, vibrant and responsive to trends.

Providing young people with value-based, attractive and challenging youth programmer, through competent leaders, effective communication, optimum use of technology and efficient management.